Not Using Casino Bonuses: Pros and Cons

Many players, especially those that are new to online gambling will be drawn in by the offering of casino bonuses. There are hundreds of operating casino sites all competing for new players and some bonus offers may promise thousands of dollars in free money. However, this money is not truly free and it is important for players to understand that there is always a cost behind any bonus being offered by any online casino. It is not always beneficial for players to redeem casino bonuses and here, players will learn the benefits to avoiding bonuses as well as the drawbacks.

When players accept a casino bonus, they will find they cannot play specific games with the bonus money and will not have the ability to choose any game that is being offered. The benefit of not using a casino bonus is that players have free reign to play any game they like. Experienced players will already know that progressive games cannot be played with bonus money, so for those that are accessing an online casino seeking those large wins, a casino bonus will not be beneficial.

Many of the online casino bonuses will also have wagering restrictions. Some may state that players can only wager a certain amount or a specific maximum amount. The bonus may have offered thousands of dollars, but if players can only wager a dollar at time, the bonus really has no benefit. By not claiming the bonus, players are free to wager as much as they want and will not have any restrictions to deal with while playing.

The major downfall to playing with a casino bonus is the wagering requirements that are in place. Some online casinos have huge requirements that will force players to wager thousands of dollars to clear the bonus, which may only be worth a few hundred. In addition, the bonus money that is granted is not cashable, meaning that players cannot redeem the bonus and remove the funds from their account. The money must be used to play games and in order to cash out any winnings that have been generated, they will have to meet those wagering requirements.

There are pros and cons to claiming a casino bonus and each player will have to determine if the offered bonus will actually be beneficial to them in the long run.

Choosing Blackjack Variations

When players access an online casino that is powered by a leading software provider like Microgaming, they will be in for a great treat in regards to game variations. With blackjack being one of the most played card games in any casino setting, this company has taken time to develop amazing variations that offer unique features and rules that affect game play and offer added chances to win. When playing blackjack online, players will want to take time to select games as some offer better chances at winning than others. By learning what games are the best to play, players can narrow down the choices and select only those that offer great returns and endless casino action.

The best blackjack games are those that have the lowest house edge. These games have a better percentage for players and offer more winning hands than other versions. One of the best choices for players at a Microgaming casino is Classic Blackjack. This is a single deck blackjack game that has basic rules that allow players to double on hands from 9 to 11 and the dealer will always stand on Soft 17. With this single deck variation, the house edge is just 0.13%, so there is an excellent chance at winning.

Vegas Strip Blackjack by Microgaming is another great choice and his game is played with 4 decks of cards. The game has easy to follow rules and with some basic blackjack strategy, the house edge can be as low as 0.35%. There is also a single deck version of this game that has a house edge of 0.35% as well. This game has dealers hitting on soft 17 hands but players can double down on hands valued from 9 to 11.

Another blackjack variant worth trying is Atlantic City Blackjack. This game has a slightly higher house edge of 0.36%, but it is a thrilling game that is played with 8 decks. With this game, players can enjoy using a Late Surrender option to recover some losses that would otherwise be incurred with a standard version of the game.

By knowing about the house edge with blackjack games, players can make educated choices when choosing a variation and can select those games that only offer the very best chances to win.

Things to Avoid with Roulette

Most players who have experience playing roulette in a land or online casino will be well aware that it is not always possible to avoid playing American Roulette. However, when it is possible, it is suggested that players always choose European Roulette over the American version. The reason being is that American Roulette has an added spot on the wheel that reduced player odds and adds an edge to the house. While many online casinos do offer the choice between these two, it is not always possible to play European Roulette, so when playing the American version, there are some things that players should always avoid when placing their real money bets.

One thing to avoid is the 5 number bet also referred to as the basket bet. This bet is only offered with American Roulette and it will involve betting on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. This can seem like a decent wager to those with no experience, but the bet is quite harmful to the casino bankroll. The reason for this is because his particular bet has a huge 7.89% house advantage, which is actually worse than the overall edge of the entire game. This wager should be avoided at all times in order to preserve the bankroll and enjoy more games at the table.

If at all possible, never play American roulette at all. When playing at casinos that are based in North America, this is actually the most popular form of the game, but it is one that comes with a higher house advantage. The house edge for this version of the game is 5.26% compares to the 2.70% edge with European Roulette. Just by looking at these numbers alone, players should determine that American Roulette offers fewer chances for players to win and collect payouts.

Another thing that roulette players should avoid is the use of the Martingale System. This is a risky betting system that can quickly deplete the bankroll. Since there is no way to predict what number will be a result of the game, doubling the bet amount with every loss is a sure way to diminish funds without every recouping any of these losses. One losing streak can eliminate the bankroll, which is why this system should be avoided.

Playing Free Bingo Games

Many of the leading online casinos in the industry offer much more than traditional casino games. There are a number of sites that also offer bingo games that can be played by anyone with a registered account. Like the casino games, these bingo games can be played for free and for real money and many have large payout pools that are waiting to be won. Wit online bingo, players can enjoy a social aspect while playing ad can play multiple cards, just as they would if they were to play a land based Bingo hall. Online bingo has become quite popular among players and with the top rated casino sites offering these games, there are many more opportunities to win.

While most players will want to generate real money payouts when playing Bingo, new players may be hesitant to risk money on the games. This is where free bingo games come in handy. With so many sit offering bingo games and each having different benefits, players should take their time in selecting a site so they can expect the best experience when they do decide to play for real money. By playing some free bingo games online, new players can get accustomed to how the games are played, can learn game patterns and can understand exactly what will be required of them when they start playing for money.

Almost every online casino that features bingo games will offer free games that can be played. While players will not have the ability to get payouts from these games, they provide a perfect way to preview the games and the features. Since different software providers will have different features, this is one of the best ways for players to make an educated decision regarding where they should play the games. Free bingo can be quite exciting and it is a great way to prepare new players for the real money experience yet to come.

Playing bingo for free will also help players develop useful skills. Since many players desire to play multiple cards, playing free games will help these players learn how to balance the cards and the numbers that are being called. By developing these skills, players will not miss important numbers hat cold result in a money winning bingo.

High Risk Sic Bo Strategy

There are many players who access an online casino that are willing to take more risks than others. This is usually because they have a larger bankroll and more skills than other players. With online Sic Bo, there are many high risk options for betting and players will have some awesome opportunities to collect handsome returns from the game. With Sic Bo, the game is entirely random and there is no way to predict what the result of the game will be. The roll of the dice is not predictable so players do take a risk just by playing Sic Bo online.

One of the thrills of playing Sic Bo is that players have the ability to place more than one bet. Some will place bets in order to cover other bets but if this goes wrong, multiple bets can be lost. This is a high risk form of wagering on the game and is usually used by experienced players and high rollers. Cover bet strategy is a common one used by high risk players. With this, players will not lose any money, but the odds will be different for the bets that are being placed. Let’s say the player places a bet on 9 or 12 as a specific outcome of the roll of the dice. They are likely to win this bet with the odds of 15:2 and a great payout of 7:1 will be awarded.

Many players will double their bets at the Sic Bo table in hopes of winning multiple payouts. However, this can quickly deplete the bankroll and this playing strategy should not be used by beginners or anyone with a small bankroll. High risk players are those that are also high rollers, willing and able to place large bets and tae the risk of losing a good chunk of cash from a bad bet.

While there is a greater risk with certain bets, there are also greater rewards, which is why many players will take their chances and bet on a high risk option at the table. This type of betting strategy can benefit players from time to time, offering the chance to win thousands from a single bet that has been placed. High risk bets are not always wise bets, but they can surely boost that bankroll when the bet wins.


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