Start Playing with No Deposit

Online gambling is a major attraction for many players and every day, new players from different locations worldwide will choose a casino site and begin playing the awesome real money games that are offered. As a new player, there may be concerns about financial safety, which can have some players hesitating to make any deposit to a casino site. The good news is that the leading sites in the industry will offer no deposit bonuses as a way to get started. These bonuses will not require the player to fund any account and they provide a perfect way for anyone to compare different sites, test out some games and see what the inline casino has to offer overall.

No deposit bonuses are for new players only and can only be redeemed once when opening a new player account. These bonuses are completely risk free, so they can benefit any new player. The casino site will offer a small amount of money that will be credited to the account. This is real money that can be wagered on games, but it cannot be withdrawn. With the bonus money, players can choose from a long list of supported casino games and place real money bets. They can even collect the payouts that are generated, all without having to spend a cent of their own.

No deposit bonuses are a great starting point and they have no risk or obligation. If players do not win or they only win a small amount, they are not obligated to remain at the casino. They can just walk away and find another site. However, if players have generated large wins, they may want to withdraw these and this can only be done by becoming a real money player at the site. To benefit from no deposit bonus winnings, players will have to create an account and make a deposit. They will also have to complete the bonus requirements to be able to withdraw the winnings.

No deposit bonuses are one of the best ways for any new player to get started. Since they are not risking any money and will have access to the great games supported, this is a perfect opportunity to take a casino site for a test drive before making any financial commitments.

Welcome to Casino War

Many players at online casinos have the desire to play card and table games but may be intimidated if they are new and do not know the rules of these games. Some games can be very complex and have many betting options, so new players are left looking for simpler games to get started. One such game is Casino War, a basic and easy to learn game that can provide for hours of fun at the casino along with the chance to win some great payouts. While Casino War is a very simple game, players should make sure they understand all of the rules before placing any bet at the table.

The game begins with the placing of an initial wager. This wager is then matched by the dealer and two cards will be dealt. The player receives one and the dealer gets one. The values of the cards are examined and if the player has a higher card, they win even money on the bet placed. If the dealer has a better card, the bet is lost and the game ends. While this sounds very basic and a tad boring, the game does get more exciting.

If the two cards displayed are the same value, Casino War is declared and players will have a choice to make. They can surrender and give up half of the bet amount, moving on to the next hand, or they can play war with the dealer. If the player chooses war, they will have to place another wager of the same size as the ante. The dealer will then deal a second card. If the player wins here, the initial wager wins even money and the second wager pushes. If the hand is lost, both bets are taken by the dealer.

Casino War may not provide the intense action of games like Craps or Blackjack, but the game is a great starting point. The payouts will not make anyone rich, but with small wagers and even money payouts, the bankroll can be extended and players can enjoy a lengthy stay at the table. Casino War is a superb selection for anyone that is just starting to play table games and is looking for a simple game with some decent action. There are no special skills required and the rules are simple, allowing any beginner to get in on the game and win some money.

Microgaming Jackpot Pool

Any player that has ever entered a Microgaming powered casino site will be well aware of the amazing jackpot games that are featured. There are games that can promise players millions in payouts when they hit the right combination on some of the most exciting slot games offered online. Not only does Microgaming offer the largest jackpot pool, but it is also the most popular. There are 26 different casino games that are in this pool, with most of these being slot machines, but there are a few table games as well as video poker machines. The online slots are the most popular and the Mega Moolah network is a tip choice for players.

One of the great features of the jackpot pool s the three and five reel games. The same title that is offered with a classic game can be found in a five reel format and both games are linked to the same progressive jackpot. These games include Cash Splash, LotsaLoot, Wow Pot and Fruit Fiesta. The amount that is to be wagered will vary based on which version of the games are being played. For example, the three reel Wow Pot game requires a bet of $1.50 to be eligible for the jackpot while the five reel game required 15 coins.

The first Mega Moolah jackpot game was offered back in 2006 and was a standalone game. It was the very first multi-level progressive slot offered with four different jackpots that could be won. The largest jackpot is always reset to $1 million, so there are some amazing chances to walk away with life altering payouts. Other Mega Moolah games have since been added to the portfolio, like Isis, Summertime and 5 Reel Drive. The Lord of the Rings and The Dark Knight are also part of this pooled jackpot offering.

There are quite a few progressive games to choose from when visiting a Microgaming online casino and since this software provider is known for offering the best paying jackpots, players flock to the games to try to become the next big winner. With great titles, awesome game features and the chance to win massive payouts, Microgaming’s jackpot games remain some of the most played games anywhere online and offer outstanding payouts, far surpassing the jackpots offered by other providers.

Using the Gamble Feature

Many of the games that are presented at an online casino will offer a gamble feature. This is most common when playing slots and video poker machines. With the gamble feature, players can take a chance and risk the amount of the original win in hopes of increasing that amount. This feature is offered each and every time a payout is generated on the game. Players will have the option of refusing the gamble game and continue playing or they can risk their winnings and try to multiply the payouts. The risk is that the entire amount can be lost during this feature, so it must be used wisely.

There are a few ways the gamble features are played. Most games will offer players the ability to choose the colour of a card that will be displayed. If they guess correctly, the amount of the win will be doubled. There is also the option of guessing the suit of the card and a correct guess here will quadruple winnings. There are also gamble games where players will choose whether a card will be higher or lower than a displayed card. Each game and each software provider will offer different gamble features and most of them can be used multiple times to really increase the payouts.

The great advantage of playing the gamble feature is that there is a zero house edge. Players will always enjoy a 100% rate of return with this feature with correct guesses. While it is tempting to always use this feature to boost winnings, players need to know when to use it and when to avoid it. In the case of smaller wins, it is a good choice to use the gamble feature to try to win more. However, with larger wins, players may be better keeping the payouts and not risk losing what the game has offered as a win.

There is a simple strategy that can be employed. If the gamble feature does not offer the ability to collect half of the payouts, then players should not play if the initial payout is more than the amount wagered. If the initial payout is less than the wager amount, use the gamble feature as many times as possible.

New Player Tips for Money Management

When playing real money games in an online casino, many players will find that they overspend if they do not have a strict budget and money management skills. To be a successful player online, players will have to know how to manage their bankroll properly to reduce losses and be able to play more games and have more chances at wining. Online gambling is a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by millions all over the world. Unfortunately, many players, especially those that are new will overlook the importance of managing the bankroll.

The very first thing that any real money player should do is determine their bankroll. This means they will have to set a budget that is based on the amount of money they can afford to lose at the online casino. Some players will take the chance of risking every penny they have only to find they have lost it all and have nothing left to wager with. The most important thing for online gamblers is having the ability to budget money and know what can be spent.

After setting the limits for the budget, players have to make sure they know the games they wish to play. With online casinos housing all types of casino games, players may be tempted o try something new. While this is okay, it is important to be aware of game rules and some basic strategies. It is not beneficial to simply place wagers on games that are not familiar. Players who take time to learn games and master some skills will be most successful online. Take advantage of some free casino games to do this since they pose no risk. Once players feel comfortable with rules, they can start placing small wagers on the game until they gain some experience.

A final consideration is setting a time limit for playing online. The longer players play online, the more they will spend, so it is essential to have a plan before betting. Many players will start off enjoying a winning streak and then continue playing for hours, eventually losing all that was won as well as depleting the bankroll. Have a set amount of time to gamble online and adhere to the budget and one will find that they can enjoy more rewards and a positive experience at an online casino.


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