Strategies for Sic Bo

It can often be a difficult task for players to develop a strategy when they are playing a game of chance, such as Sic Bo. Since the results of this game all are based on the outcome of rolled dice, there is little players can do to change their winning chances. It is not possible to predict the roll of the dice, so it is almost impossible to come up with one specific strategy that will lower the house edge and offer better chances of winning. The best thing that players can do when playing this real money game is to pay close attention to the bets that are being made at the table. The most popular bets are Small and Big, where players will bet that the dice totals will be between 4 and 10 for small bets and 11 and 17 for big bets. Both of these will pay even money.

For those that are looking for some higher winnings, the single number bet is one that can be beneficial. With this bet, players will get a higher payout but also have a lower chance of winning. They will simply state that one of the dice rolled will be a specific number between 1 and 6. If they choose a number, at least one of the dice rolled must be that number for the bet to win.

Each of the bets that are offered with Sic Bo will have different payout and different odds for the players. Always pay attention to these figures as they can help determine which bets are the best to play. Some players will want to play it safe, and in these cases, the even money bets are the best way to go. However, they do not offer much in terms of payouts, so it may be better to take a risk with a bet that has lower player odds but offer higher rewards.

Sic Bo is a game of chance and there is no developed game strategy that will increase winnings, nor are there any guarantees that players will in fact win. The best strategy is to pay attention to what is being bet and rely in even money bets to pad the bankroll. Also pay attention to table bet maximums and increase even money bets so that more can be won.

Best Craps Bets Online

Any gambler who has ever visited a land casino will be well aware of the amazing action that surrounds the Craps table. It is a classic casino game that can be found in every land casino as well as in many of the leading online casinos that are operating. With Craps, there are many betting options and the game may seem overwhelming and confusing to those that are just learning. The key to becoming a better craps player lies with free games. Free games provide endless opportunities for players to learn rules, learn about the best bets and have time to master their game before they begin to wager real money at an online casino.

The way players can win at Craps is by knowing what bets are best to place. Since there are many betting options, it is essential for players to be aware of the payouts of all bets so they can choose which will offer the best rewards as well as the best player odds. With more than 40 betting options, the game is great for those that like to take risks, but it is also a good game for those looking for even money bets. Always take time to learn the odds of the bets that are being considered. The most popular bets are Don’t Come, Don’t Pass, Pass Line, Come, Place, Field and any Craps. These all offer different odds as well as different payouts.

When playing Craps, there is only one bet that does not have any house advantage and this is the odds bet. This bet can be the best bet placed by any player. The odds bet can be placed following a pass line bet. This second bet will be placed behind the pass like chip and when the shooter earns a point, players betting the odds will get a double payout. The pass line bet is paid even money but the odds bet offers true odds. The payouts are 2:1 for a 4 or 10 point, 3:2 for a 5 and a 9 and 6:5 for any 6 or 8. By placing this bet, players can take the standard 1.4% house edge and reduce it to almost zero.

These bets are the best in the casino and are the bets that will provide players with their constant wins. Any player that is interested in playing Craps should learn about eh most popular bets and also all about how odds bets work.

Advantages of Online Craps

Craps has long been a preferred game for many gamblers and this is one of the classic games that will always be found at a land casino. With many of the leading developers of casino software trying to replicate a land gambling experience, Craps can also be played online, for free or for real money. The game of Craps is one that has been enjoyed for many years and it remains one of the most popular table games found in any casino setting. While the online version of Craps does lack the interactions amongst players and the social aspect, there are many advantages to choosing the online version of the game.

One of the great benefits to playing Craps online is that he games are always available and there is no waiting. The online Craps games offered can support an unlimited number of players, so there is no such thing as a table being full. Another advantage is that players can select tables with minimum and maximum betting limits to suit their budget. This way, they remain in control of their spending and can enjoy low bets or high wagers.

Perhaps one of the great benefits of online Craps is the ability to play the game for free before having to bet any real money. Most of the top rated online casinos will have selection of Craps games that can be played for free. While these free games will not provide players with the chance to generate any real money payouts, they do provide endless time for practice. This can greatly benefit new players who are just learning the game. With free games, players can take all the time they need to master skills and strategies that will make them a better player and more prepared for real money play.

When playing Craps at online casinos, players will have the ability to redeem bonuses that can offer free money. This is not an option at most land based casinos, so those that like to play often will surely benefit from these bonuses and promotions. Online Craps games are played just like land games, following the same rules and using similar strategies. The only difference is that the game is controlled by computer software, so the results are not from the physical toss of the dice, but from a random number generator that determines the outcome of the throw.

Video Poker Crash Course

Any player that has ever gambled in a land or online casino will know that video poker is one of the best games to play. This game offers the best player odds and it is quite simple to learn and master. Since video poker is one of the most played games at online casinos, many leading software developers have taken the time to design multiple variations of the game. With the leading online casinos operating, players can find different types of video poker games, including those that offer multi-hand play as well as the chance to win large paying progressive jackpots. Learning how to play video poker is not only exciting, but offers players a great chance to win when they start betting real money on casino games online.

No matter what version of the game players have chosen, their goal is to create the best possible five card poker hand. The game starts by placing a bet and then five cards are dealt. Players will the have the choice to hold or discard any of these cards and draw once time. The new cards are presented and hopefully, a ranking poker hand wil be present. All pays are depicted on the pay table and this is where variations come into play. Different games offer different payouts, so players should pay attention to these tables before making a selection and be sure to choose one that offers decent pays. Video poker games will support five coin bets as a maximum and it is suggested to always play his amount, even if for lower coin denominations. Five coin bets pay the most when the royal flush appears in a hand and players can lose tons of money if they get this hand while betting lower amounts.

Many of the leading online casinos will offer some free versions of video poker and this is the best way for new players to get started. With these games, players can learn basic strategies and become comfortable with knowing what hands to try to create. Free games may not offer any real money payouts, but they are definitely the best way to learn new variations and master the game so that more money can be won when betting begins.

New Welcome Bonus at Wayne Casino

Wayne Casino may not be the most known online casino operating, but players who love the action of Net Entertainment games will surely benefit from playing here. The casino takes players back to the times of the Wild West and offers an attractive lobby layout where games are easy to find. To attract even more players, the casino has redesigned their welcome offer and is now offering new players more free money when they register a new account. In addition o getting started with free cash, players will also benefit from a variety of daily, weekly and monthly bonuses that can all increase the bankroll and allow for more NetEnt games to be played.

Wayne Casino is doing everything possible to ensure that players have the best possible gaming experience online. Get ready to dodge bullets and get in the saddle with the great welcome bonus that is now available. With the first deposit that is made to a new player account, the casino is offering a 100% match bonus. Not only will this bonus offer free money to enjoy great NetEnt games, but players will also receive 50 free spins on Starburst, one of the most popular video slots from the provider.

To take advantage of this amazing deal, head over to Wayne Casino and make a deposit of $20 or more. Then redeem coupon code Wayne2015 for a 100% match offer that can be worth up to $200 in free money. After the match bonus is redeemed, the free slot spins will be available for use the next day. This is a new and improved welcome package that is being offered to any new player that creates a real money account from now until December 31, 2015.

Once players have signed up, they will find there are great ways to get even more money. Every week, players can redeem a 30% reload bonus on their deposits and this bonus can be used any time between Monday and Sunday and will require code RELOAD. There is also a 50% monthly reload bonus that can be redeemed, so these offers will surely help to keep players enjoying their favourite Net Entertainment games at this trusted and respected online casino.


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