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Choosing Video Poker Games

Video poker is a popular game that is featured in most online casinos. This type of game is perfect for those that enjoy poker but do not wish to play against others at a table. With video poker, players will try to achieve the best possible poker hand by holding and discarding cards. The game is easy to learn and play, but there are strategies that can help players increase the RTP to almost 100%. With these odds, players continue to choose video poker games for the best chances of winning.

There are many variations of video poker and even games that offer the ability to play multiple hands at once. When choosing a game, always look at eh pay table. The best video poker games are those that are full pay games, or 9/6 games. Many of the payouts on a full pay game are in excess of 100%. A full pay Jacks or Better game will offer an RTP of 99.54%. While the payout rate of the game may not be advertised by the casino, it is important for players to know how to choose games that will offer the best chances to win. Always try to select a full pay game when possible.

Choosing a game will depend on the experience of the player. Those that are just starting may benefit from Tens or Better or Jacks or Better. With these games there are often full pay games offered and there are no wilds or bonus payouts to be worried about when playing. These are the easiest of all video poker games. There are also exciting games that make use of a wild card, including Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. These games offer players a higher chance of creating a paying hand, though the low valued hands will pay less than a Jacks or Better game.

If players are looking for a video poker game that will offer large rewards, they need to play a game that has a 100% return or better. These games include Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus. No matter what game is desired, players should always check and compare pay tables and choose the game that offers the highest possible rewards for the wagers that are to be placed.

High Pair Blackjack Strategy

Not every player that accesses an online blackjack game will have mastered basic strategies and many new players will quickly get excited when they hold a high pair and will immediately split. There are different strategies that should be used for each high pair and by earning what to do with these hands, players will enjoy more chances at winning when they are playing real money games. These strategies are part of the optimal basic strategy and should be learned by any player that wishes to continue playing blackjack online.

When holding high pairs, the dealer card will be an important aspect and will help determine the action that should be taken. When players have a pair of eights, they should split no matter what the dealer is showing. There is no chance of busting with a single hit and it is best to play the extra wager with a starting value of 8. With a pair of nines, players will start with a hand value of 18, and some players may feel this is good enough and will stand. This is the worst choice. One should split the nines to have better chances of getting 10 or 20 in both hands. Since about 40% of the blackjack deck consists of 10 and 11 valued cards, the chances are pretty good. However, the dealer card welcome into play here. If they have a 10 card or an Ace, there is a good chance for the dealer to get blackjack. In this case, do not risk the extra wager by splitting.

With a pair of tens, which can be a pair of 10 cards, Jacks, Queens or Kings, always stand. This hand value of 20 is almost a perfect hand and it would be quite foolish to split these hands. In the case of a pair of Aces, always split this hand since the value of the hand is just 2 or 12. By splitting, players will have a good chance of getting a blackjack in both hands, creating instant wins for both wagers that have been placed.

By using these basic strategies with high pairs, players will have more opportunities to win and will benefit from playing the real money games online. Always try to select a game that does offer splitting options as this is the only way these strategies can be beneficial.


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