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Mini Roulette Online

Many online casinos will offer a mini roulette game and this game is one that should be avoided by all players,. The game is called Mini Roulette because there is just one third of the numbers as the standard game. Normal roulette games have numbers from 1 to 36 where Mini Roulette only has 1 through 12. These numbers are laid out on a table that has a different format than the standard game. With Mini Roulette, there are three columns and four rows. There is also a single zero in the game. The reduction of the numbers provides the house with a greater advantage which is the main reason this game is not a popular choice online.

The game is played just like European Roulette and there is a similar layout with a wheel and a betting area. The same bets are available, but the odds are totally different due to the fewer numbers in the game. A Straight up bet will cover single numbers including 0. The odds for this bet is 11:1, so a $1 bet will pay $11 with a win and the original $1 wager will also be returned. A Split bet will cover two numbers and the odds are 5:1. There is also a Street bet covering three numbers in a row horizontally and the odds are 3:1. The Corner bet is placed on a square format covering four numbers and the odds are 2:1. There is also the Column bet, covering four numbers with odds of 2:1.

There are also bets in Mini Roulette that will cover half of the layout and these bets offer even money. Instead of betting red/black or odd/even as one would do with a regular game of roulette. With this version of the game, the red numbers are all odd and the black are even. There is also the top half bet, which will cover numbers 1-6 and a bottom bet covering numbers 7-12. There is also a middle half bet, where numbers 4-9 will be covered.

The odds do not seem that bad, but when compared to a regular version of the game, players will see an increased house edge. The house edge for Mini Roulette is almost three times the amount with European Roulette and there are really no advantages to the player.

Choose a Deposit Bonus at VIP Casino Club

At VIP Casino Club, players have been enjoying the hottest games and some of the best online casino bonuses. From the moment players register, they will feel like a VIP and there is an exciting bonus offer where new players can collect as much as $300 in free cash when they sigh up at the site. To make things even better, this new player bonus can be customised to suit any playing budget. With a welcome bonus that will suit all players. VIP Casino Club has pulled out all stops to create one of the best bonus offers for any new online gambler. Simply put, any deposit will receive a 100% match and if players choose to deposit a higher amount, they will get a higher paying bonus.

Getting the welcome bonus is simple and players will first have to register for a new account and choose a payment method. They will then just make a small deposit of $10 to receive the 100% match bonus or they can deposit $20 to get a $20 bonus. Deposit a minimum of $150 and get a great 150% match bonus or make a deposit of $200 or more to get a huge $300 bonus. All bonus money can be used right away after the offer is redeemed, making this bonus offer suitable for players with any sized budget.

With the welcome bonus at VIP Casino Club, players will have to meet a 40x play through requirement before they can withdraw winnings. This requirement can be met playing all games with the exception of table games and those that offer progressive jackpots. All requirements must be met within 30 days of the receipt of the bonus.

For those that are already registered and playing at the casino, there are some exciting daily drawing s that will take place through the end of September. To get an entry, just make a deposit of $20 and every day from Tuesday through Friday, five players will win $20 in cash that can be used on the games supported. There are also weekend prizes that can be won with a minimum deposit of $15 made Friday through Sunday. This will offer the chance to win some great prizes like a Spa Voucher, Nike Sports watches, Beats Headphones and much more! Now is the time to get started at this great casino for the chance to collect free money and win great prizes.

Strategies for Sic Bo

It can often be a difficult task for players to develop a strategy when they are playing a game of chance, such as Sic Bo. Since the results of this game all are based on the outcome of rolled dice, there is little players can do to change their winning chances. It is not possible to predict the roll of the dice, so it is almost impossible to come up with one specific strategy that will lower the house edge and offer better chances of winning. The best thing that players can do when playing this real money game is to pay close attention to the bets that are being made at the table. The most popular bets are Small and Big, where players will bet that the dice totals will be between 4 and 10 for small bets and 11 and 17 for big bets. Both of these will pay even money.

For those that are looking for some higher winnings, the single number bet is one that can be beneficial. With this bet, players will get a higher payout but also have a lower chance of winning. They will simply state that one of the dice rolled will be a specific number between 1 and 6. If they choose a number, at least one of the dice rolled must be that number for the bet to win.

Each of the bets that are offered with Sic Bo will have different payout and different odds for the players. Always pay attention to these figures as they can help determine which bets are the best to play. Some players will want to play it safe, and in these cases, the even money bets are the best way to go. However, they do not offer much in terms of payouts, so it may be better to take a risk with a bet that has lower player odds but offer higher rewards.

Sic Bo is a game of chance and there is no developed game strategy that will increase winnings, nor are there any guarantees that players will in fact win. The best strategy is to pay attention to what is being bet and rely in even money bets to pad the bankroll. Also pay attention to table bet maximums and increase even money bets so that more can be won.


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