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Chicken and Squirrel Slot Strategies

As most players know, slots are games of chance, so there is not much one can do to alter the outcome of the game. However, many real money players will use betting strategies or game selection strategies to increase their chances of winning, or at least extending their bankroll. With online slots, there are many titles to choose from, each presenting different payout rates, various pay tables, different betting options and some great bonus rounds. Here, we discuss the Chicken and Squirrel strategy that is often used by those that access online slot games and are trying to win real money rewards.

Luck plays a major role in whether payers will be winners or losers when they play online slots, but there are some players that like to use a method or system when they are playing these games. The chicken and squirrel strategies are different methods that are used in an arranged pattern and will help players determine when they should switch slot games at the casino.

With the chicken strategy, players are basically acting as chickens, running from one slot game to the next. When using this strategy, players will play the game in a particular pattern or will select a series of games to be played. The actual sequence must be determined before playing commences. Once players have played a set number of spans on a game, they will leave that game and choose their next game.

The squirrel strategy is a bit more complex. Here, players will arrange a series of bet amounts before they start to play. When that series comes to an end, players un a winning position will keep playing the same slot game. When doing this, players will store away the original amount that was bet on the game. The amount of the wins from that game will then be half, allowing players to use this money on other slot selections. If players lose at the end of the betting series, they will move on to a new game and start their series over.

These two strategies will not increase the chances of winning on any game, but will set limits on playing sessions and will help players determine how many different slots they will be playing when they visit an online casino.

Paroli Betting System

Many players who frequent online casino and access card and table games will make use of a betting system to improve their chances of coming out ahead. While there are no betting systems that will guarantee a win, there are systems that are preferred by many players and they will continuously use these when betting real money. One of the popular systems that is used at casinos is the Paroli Betting System. This is a positive progression system where bet amounts will be increased after players enjoy a win on the game.

The Paroli system can be used with any casino game that offers even bets. These are bets that offer 1:1 rewards. The most popular games where players make use if this system are with Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. When using this system, or any betting system, it is important for players to have an upper limit, which is the amount they can spend and not have to stop increasing their bets. Players will also have to determine how much they will multiply their bet by with every round of the game that is won. This will be based on the size of the bankroll and the amount of risk the player is willing to take.

Using this system is pretty simple. When they win, players will double the amount of their bet for the next round. If they win again, that number will be doubled and this will continue until players lose a round. F the bet loses, the player will return to betting just a single unit until they enjoy a win, where they will start increasing bets until the next loss.

There are a few advantages to using this betting system when playing any casino game for real money. The losses will be cut short, but the profits will be used to increase the bets. This means that the overall bankroll is at a smaller risk of being depleted. Of players have limits in place, they can control their losses and will be able to play for a longer period of time, even if they have a small bankroll. It is important to have a stop limit as well, meaning that players will stop playing when they hit a certain amount of profit from using the system.


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