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Intro to Red Dog

Players who enjoy playing casino games from home are always looking for interesting games that can provide great entertainment along with the chance to collect nice wins. For those that like the thrills of table and card games, Red Dog is a great game choice. This game is a combination of blackjack and poker and offers endless action and some great opportunities to collect rewards. Red Dog is often referred to as Acey-Deucy and the game is played with a standard deck of cards. Some online casinos will use as many as 8 decks when presenting this game and players will have a variety of betting options.

Red Dog is rather simple to play. It starts with three cards being dealt and these are all ranked as standard poker cards. The only exception is that Aces are always high and the two is the lowest card. Players will place their bet and two cards will be placed on the table. There are then three options. Should the first two cards be in consecutive order, the hand will automatically be a push. If the cards are equal, a third card will be dealt. If that card is another equal card, players will win 11:1. The final option is a spread announcement. The spread will determine the payout and there are four different spreads. Once this is announced, the player can double their wager. They will win should the third card be between the cards displayed.

After learning how the game is played, players will quickly see that this is not really a poker or a blackjack game. However, it is an appealing choice for players who want a simple game to learn and are looking for some decent payouts. The spread rewards can range from 1:1 to 5:1, and the equal card payout of 11:1 is very appealing.

One of the nice things about Red Dog is that when it is played with additional decks, the house edge is actually decreased. Games that offer a single deck come with a house edge of 3.15% while games that use eight decks offer a house edge that is around 2.75%. There are not many games where adding decks will reduce the house edge, so this is one of the great benefits if this casino card game.

Three Types of Online Bingo Sites

Bingo has become a popular game for players to enjoy online and with so many site featuring different games, players from all over the world will have a large section when they are choosing where to play bingo online for free or for real money payouts. There are three different types of bingo sites that players will come across and each has something different to offer. By learning about these types of sites, players can choose where to play online bingo and will be sure that all their gaming needs will be met.

The first type of site is a Major Gambling site like an online casino. There are large sites that offer hundreds of casino games and bingo is one of those offerings. These sites may even offer bingo bonuses. By offering a full range of casino and bingo games, players will have a large choice when they are playing. These sites cater to casual players and do not really focus on bingo games alone. Bingo offerings at these sites are usually a second consideration by the site, so they are best suited for players looking for fun bingo games.

Another type of site is a Hybrid Bingo site. With hybrid bingo sites, players can enjoy pure bingo games along with a selection of slots and table and card games. These sites do focus more on the offering of bingo games than a standard online casino and they provide some great bonus opportunities for those that are seeking bingo action online. Hybrid bingo sites do not usually offer any card rooms or live dealer casino games. They also tend to stay away from sports betting and racebooks. These sites are for the more serious bingo player.

Finally, there are Solo or Dedicated Bingo Sites, where only bingo games are offered. In some cases, the site may offer a handful of slot games, but the main focus of these sites is bingo. Here, platers will find multiple versions of the game, can engage in tournament play and will enjoy many bonus offerings. These sites have premium bingo games that offer many more features than the games found at online casinos. Those that are looking for the chance to only play bingo will benefit from dedicated sites where they can enjoy the game variations and the different betting options.


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